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Hi. If you're reading it, maybe you're interested in passing IELTS successfully. Unfortunately I can't reinvent a wheel but I'll offer you a few important tips. If you are a super purposeful person you can prepare on your own. If not, you should visit Anglomania courses.

For me the IELTS consisted of 2 main parts. Firstly, you should prepare in a proper way if you want to get the mark higher than 6.0. It would be good to write at least 10 preparation tests and learn some necessary word constructions.  Secondly, you need to be calm and concentrated during the test. Of course it's pretty hard but you should try. Only in relaxed condition you can get the highest results. All in all, IELTS it's only a usual test. If you don't recieve desired mark, you have a chance to repeat the test as many times as you wish. Good luck! ;)

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